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Tastings offers whisky-/gin tastings in our own premises (see below upcoming tastings) as well as out of the house, eg. at corporates or at private events.

For tastings outside our premisses we will bring:

  • Whisky or gin
  • Glass
  • Sheets for notes of taste impressions
  • Presentation of the various bottles on the tasting program
  • Projector and projector screen for display pictures etc.

Please provide for some bread or biscuits for the tasting and preferably water glasses and cans.
The price for a whisky-/gin tasting, where 4-8 different bottlings are brought, starts at 325 DKK per person, exclusive driving. If you want to help selecting the bottlings from our store for the tasting, this can be done as well. Just tell us what you like, and we can find the bottlings together.

Contact by email: or phone: +45 61 466 900 to hear more about the possibilities of having a tasting for you or your company. also holds tastings in our own tasting room, where we can hold a tasting for up to 14 persons at our oak plank table and enjoy the golden drops – See upcoming tastings below.

On our Facebook page and in the newsletter, all upcoming tastings will be announced.


Upcoming tastings at

We hold tastings in our own premises, where we have room for 14 at our oak plank table. For our tastings, we tell, among other things, about the individual distillery, the bottling and not least anecdotes and stories from our trips in Scotland. We are also happy to come out to you/you and hold a tasting, contact us for information on this on +45 61 466 900 or at If you have any questions about one of our events, you are also welcome to contact us.


If you do not have the opportunity to participate in our tastings, you can buy one of our tasting packages, which you can enjoy at home.

Sample Set 8 X 3cl -

Claxton’s – samples set 8x3cl

In this sample package, you will get 8 different samples of each 3cl, from the bottlings of Claxton’s below. Ardmore(…)

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Sampleset 8 X 3cl -

Duncan Taylor – sample set 8x3cl

By purchasing this sample set, you will receive 3cl of each of the 8 bottlings below from Duncan Taylor. An(…)

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Sample Set 7x3cl -

Exploration Series 3 Release – sample set

In this sample package, you get a sample of 3cl, from each of the seven bottlings that have come in(…)

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Exploration Series Release 5 -

Exploration Series Release 5 – sample set 7 x 3cl

In this sample pack, you get the opportunity to taste all seven new bottlings that Claxton’s have bottled in their(…)

Add to cart Sample Set 8x3cl - – sample set 8x3cl

In this package, you get 8 x 3cl samples, from the bottlings below from our own casks. Auchroisk (1st Fill(…)

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Gin samples 002 - Vrads & Duncan Taylor

Gin pack 002

At Fadandel, in addition to whisky, you will also find several different delicious gins – we have put together a(…)

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Gin pack with 6 different gins

Here you can taste 6 different gins that we have in our range before you buy a full bottle. In(…)

Rom Samples 5 X 3cl -

Rum sample set with 6 x 3cl

We have put together a rum package, with 6 samples of each 3cl, which contains the bottlings below. – That(…)

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Discount on sold-out Rum Bottlings 3cl samples -

Sold out rum bottlings – samples

By purchasing these rum samples (samples package), you get the opportunity to taste the rum bottlings below, which are now(…)

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