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The store is closed on 22-28. April, while we go on an exciting trip to Scotland for i.a. to visit suppliers.

The webshop is still open, and orders from this period will be processed as soon as possible when we return.

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Good advice
Enthusiastic and live advice on all our products
Unique products
All of our bottlings at the shop are cask strength and not colored
Buy samples
You can buy samples of several of our products or take part in one of our tasting
Whisky/Gin tastings in our premises or at your place

unique whiskey

at fadandel.dk you get a
taste experience beyond the usual

Buy your own cask of whisky

At Fadandel.dk you have the opportunity to buy your very own cask of whisky. We have casks from several different distilleries and in sizes of Octave, Barrels, Hogshead and Butt. All in different range of ages.

My favorite Whisky Shop in DK. I love their own Whisky bottlings and also their Rum bottlings are yummy. They ship very fast and safe packed. The contact is always perfect. Pleasure to deal with you. Thank you! 👍👍👍
Phil Janssen
Superb communication - fast delivery and most important: excellent 🥃!
Steph Delvwah
Superserviceminded Brian!!! Skriver med Brian via Messenger lördagaften ca 22.30 og får svar at han skal se hvis han kan finde en flakse whisky som jeg spörger efter. Söndag eftermiddag får jeg besked om at han har den flasken med whisky, så den bliver bestilt sammen med yderligere en flaske og en sample. Behöver jeg skrive at whiskyn er fantastiskt god og kvaliten er utrolig?! Stort tak for alt!
Henrik Zehler
Måste säga att bemötandet härifrån håller världsklass, väntar spänt på några flaskor
Stefan Engnell‎
Whisky tasting
at our place or
by your house

Besides holding whisky tastings in our own premises, Fadandel.dk also offers tastings out of the house. Book us for example for corporate events, birthdays or at your own home for a pleasant evening with good friends.

Gift card for
the whisky, rum
and gin -lover

You determine the value of the gift card yourself and receive the gift card as a PDF file by e-mail together with your invoice we send you after your purchase. The gift card you receive is just to print out and give as a gift. The gift card can be used both on the web shop and in our physical store, which is located approx. 10 min. from Skanderborg.

The process of buying a cask share

Purchase of cask share

You buy the cask share you want on the we shop. Afterword’s you receive a certificate of participation and an invoice. If you are unsure which one to buy, you can buy a cask sample or take part in a cask tasting before deciding.


The shares will be bottled on 70cl standard round bottles, unless otherwise stated on the individual cask share. All bottles in the cask are affixed with Fadandel’s label, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Import fee

When it is time to bottle the cask, the cask owners will receive an invoice on the import fee. The import fee is charged only when the bottles are bottled and on the way home to our warehouse.

Bottles arrive at our warehouse

After the cask has been bottled and the bottles have come to Denmark, the cask owners will be contacted for collection of the bottles. If the bottles are to be despatched, the bottles in the cask share can be sent for a shipping fee.